Forensic Weather Consultants is the industry leader providing accurate, site specific reports for slip and fall on snow/ice cases and also slip and falls inside on wet floors.

Slip and Fall on Snow and Ice Cases

Accurate and site-specific expert weather reports is what we are known for. Slips and fall on snow and/or ice cases is one of our most common types of cases. Using different types of weather records from numerous weather stations, Doppler radar images zoomed in over an incident location and other data, we determine important information including when the last time accumulating snow or freezing rain fell, if melting and refreezing processes occurred, when ice last formed before the incident, or if there was an ongoing storm. This detailed data will help determine if ongoing weather or pre-existing conditions were mitigating factors in a slip and fall incident.

Our clients are often surprised and very pleased with what we find and how thorough and detailed our reports are. The reports we provide have been utilized in thousands of slip and fall lawsuits and insurance claims. We prepare affidavits for a motion for summary judgment or in opposition of a motion for summary judgement. Some cases we work on require depositions and/or live trial testimony. Whether live testimony is required or if a report is sufficient to resolve a case, we are well suited to provide the crucial information that is needed.

Slip and Falls on Wet Floors

Many slip and fall incidents occur inside doorways or buildings. These may occur in the middle of a blizzard or while an isolated thunderstorm was causing a deluge of rain to occur. Other slip and fall accidents occur when it hasn’t rained or snowed in days. We provide highly detailed weather information to help answer your questions for lawsuits or insurance claims. While a thunderstorm didn’t occur at the closest airport weather station, it certainly could have poured rain at a nearby incident location. Sometimes there is witness testimony that it was sunny and dry when an incident occurred, not realizing that a rainstorm ended only 20 minutes before.

Our detailed slip and fall reports include insights about the natural sources and causes of water on the ground, including whether it was raining or snowing at the time, or if there had been no precipitation for many days.

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