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Hurricane Wind and/or Water Claims

In-Depth Forensic Hurricane Reports For Claims, Litigation, and Appraisals

Forensic Weather Consultants is an industry leader providing site-specific, in-depth Forensic Hurricane Reports to insurance carriers, lawyers, engineers, appraisers and umpires.  We conduct a very detailed meteorological analysis to determine what weather conditions existed at the exact incident location.  We  determine how high the sustained wind speeds and wind gusts were each hour, how strong the winds were on elevated floors of a building, what direction the winds came from each hour, how much rain accumulated, and if microbursts or tornadoes occurred at the incident location.

For Wind vs. Water (Storm Surge/Storm Tide) cases, we gather NOAA water gauge and wave height data, U.S. Geological Survey water gauge data, High Water Mark site visit data, and other information to determine storm surge and wave heights each hour at the incident location.  The storm surge information can be used with the wind speed data to determine if the high winds or storm surge reached a specific property first.

If requested, we can prepare a detailed written expert report that can be exchanged or provided to engineers to complete their reports.  Our reports regularly help resolve insurance claims, lawsuits, appraisals, and disputes.

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