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Press & Media

Howard Altschule and Forensic Weather Consultants have appeared as a weather expert on The Today Show, MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business News, The Geraldo Rivera Show, CNN, WNBC, and WNYW, is a recurring guest on Wall Street Journal Radio, and has been featured in Discover Magazine. Howard was appointed by Governor Patterson to be a part of the New York State Panel on Homeowners Insurance Coverage.

Howard Altschule was Live in the Studio as Hurricane Sandy approached New Jersey.  Howard is sitting on set with Dave Price and Roseanna Scotto discussing the forecast track and concerns that “Sandy” will bring.

Howard Altschule appeared as a guest in the studios of Fox Business News as Hurricane Irene approached New York City and New Jersey.

Howard Altschule was a guest on NBC 4 New York with Chuck Scarborough discussing the threats and forecast track of Hurricane Irene.  He compared the track of Irene to previous hurricanes that made landfall in the area.

Howard Altschule appeared as a guest on the Geraldo Rivera Show on Fox News as a Hurricane Expert discussing the track forecast and effects of Hurricane Irene.

In this CNN Interview, Howard Altschule discussed how various weather conditions and brutal heat played a role in the death of a young girl.

Flashback to Howard Altschule on The Today Show with Katie Couric as he reported Live from Albany, New York following a major snowstorm.

During the Scott Peterson Murder Trial, Howard Altschule appeared on Catherine Crier Live on Court TV as their weather consultant discussing the weather conditions, rainfall and conditions of the San Francisco Bay.

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