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Flood and Historical Rainfall Claims

Flash floods, river floods, and other rain related claims can be very complex because rainfall amounts can vary drastically over short distances.

Rainfall studies are done for the exact incident location, not just relying on data from the closest airport

This is often the case in thunderstorms that dump rain on one part of town and not the other.  An inch of rain could have fallen at an incident location while the closest airport a few miles away reported no rainfall.  We conduct rainfall studies to determine how much rain fell and when by analyzing various types of weather data, Doppler radar reflectivity and storm total precipitation images zoomed in over the incident location, and other weather information.

Common questions we answer:  What is the recurrence rate of the rain that fell at the specific incident location?  When did the rain start and stop at the property?  Was flooding reported on the date of loss?  How much rain accumulated every 15 minutes, hour or each day?  Was the event a 25, 50, 100, or 500-year storm?  Was rain in the forecast and should the roof have been tarped ahead of time?  How did this event compare to other historical rainfalls at the incident location?

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