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Forensic Weather for the Legal Industry

Forensic Weather Consultants has a very large client base made up of attorneys both for the plaintiff and defense. We regularly work with personal injury attorneys, defense attorneys, insurance company staff counsel, and first party claims attorneys in various types of litigations.  Some of our biggest clients originally were opposing counsel or insurance carriers for cases or trials we were involved in who wanted us to work as experts for them going forward.

Legal Industry

For decades, we’ve been very well known around the country for our work as weather experts on anything from small to complex weather-related litigations.  By obtaining many different types of weather records, Doppler radar images and products, we do a rigorous analysis and extrapolate the weather data to find out what occurred at a specific incident location with a reasonable degree of meteorological certainty.

With decades of experience, having worked on more than 8,700 claims and lawsuits, more than 130 trials, and over 129 depositions, our clients repeatedly call upon us to assist them with their assignments. Our clients are also great referral sources that regularly introduce other attorneys to our work.

Numerous state and federal court decisions have cited or were based on our affidavits or reports.  The cases we typically work on involve slip and falls on snow/ice, slip and falls on interior wet floors during or shortly after a storm, hurricane wind (or hurricane wind versus storm surge) cases, and numerous hail damage claims each week all around the country.  Other cases we’re involved in pertain to floods, lightning strikes, fallen trees or limbs, wind-created openings/water intrusion claims, and motor vehicle accidents.

We gather official weather records and give an unbiased, accurate and honest opinion about what the weather conditions were and whether or not they contributed to an incident or accident.

For any weather-related case, we map the incident location and gather all of the pertinent, official weather records that help us figure out what occurred. We then conduct an in-depth analysis of the data to determine what the weather (and/or ground) conditions were leading up to and including the incident or accident. Our clients often ask us to prepare a technical report that discusses our findings. Our opinions and findings are always based on sound, scientific principles and accepted practices in the scientific and meteorological community.  We also review accident photos, EBTs, depositions transcripts, and other expert reports. After we are disclosed as experts, if the case does not settle, we are available for depositions or live trial testimony anywhere in the country.

We have been called by both sides of the same case dozens of times, only to turn down one side because of the conflict of interest. We are honored that many of our clients frequently refer us to their colleagues, call upon us for new cases, and even retain us because of the solid work we did at trial against them.

To learn more about our expert reports and services, please see our “Sample Reports” section of our webpage.

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