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Severe Weather Report

Severe Weather History Reports are one of the most accurate ways to determine when and if severe weather or storm damage occurred at a given location. Every day, we gather the latest storm reports that were sent in to the National Weather Service. When a homeowner, adjuster, insurance company or engineer needs to determine if and when large hail or strong winds occurred at a specific address, they can enter the address, select the time frame that you would like our database to search, and receive a detailed list of storm reports within seconds. It is recommended that you request a search radius of 10 miles or more. The storm reports are automatically sorted by the distance (in tenths of a mile) from the address and contain the date and time it occurred and some details of what occurred. The information we archive includes hail size, wind gusts, tornado intensity and different types of wind damage that occurred. Reference is often given to specific streets, intersections, stores and landmarks.

For example, if our search reveals that 1.75” hail occurred 0.15 miles from the loss location, it’s a strong indication that large hail was occurring at the loss location itself. If multiple storm reports were received from the area on the same date, it suggests that a more widespread storm occurred and that these events may have also occurred at a specific loss location. Conversely, if no storm reports are found, it may be an indication that large hail or wind damage did not occur, or the largest hail may have occurred outside of the requested time/policy period.

Most times, these severe weather history reports are very helpful in resolving claims. If you require a site-specific study for the specific loss location using Doppler radar imagery and other information, this can be done by our meteorologists to determine if strong winds or hail passed over the incident location and just were not reported. Please see our sample reports for more information.

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*Please note: Severe Weather Reports are produced every morning are available every day of the year dating back to the year 2000. The results of each report will vary greatly based on the location and date range selected. These reports will provide you with storm information that was received by the National Weather Service. If no weather incidents were recorded in the location and date range selected, the weather report will reflect this and no refunds will be given.