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Insurance Industry

Our team at Forensic Weather Consultants continues to maintain strong relationships in the insurance industry.  Contact us to learn how we can help provide you with reliable daily wind and hail swath overlay data to assist your CAT and Claims teams in resolving claims.

Forensic Weather for the Insurance Industry

We provide numerous claims adjusters, S.I.U.’s or CAT Teams with detailed hail and wind swath overlay maps, historical weather data, and written expert reports for different types of weather events and perils nationwide.

Insurance companies and adjusters find great value in our hail and wind swath overlay maps, automated hail impact reports, and automated hurricane reports. In this day and age where claims can be resolved from an adjusters desk or claims center, we provide reliable and detailed information to help make informed decisions.

We can also prepare very detailed, litigation-ready written reports for all kinds of claims, disputes, mediations, or appraisals. Hail damage and hurricane claims are often of large value, so it is important for insurance adjusters and claims representatives to accurately determine if and when hail occurred, or how high the winds or storm surge conditions were during a hurricane.  Simply relying on an airport observation or a NOAA local storm report can be troublesome.  Insurance professionals involved in slip and fall on snow and ice cases will find our meteorological analyses and written expert reports very informative and useful in helping them make informed claims decisions.

A large number of these cases we work on come to us directly from the carriers or adjusters while they are in the claims phase and pre-suit.

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