Welcome to your hurricane weather data portal. We offer several different kinds of reports that can assist you in determining and documenting the weather and water conditions during a hurricane or tropical storm.

Our cutting-edge Forensic Hurricane Reports can be automatically downloaded in 20 seconds here on our website. These reports are regularly used by insurance adjusters, public adjusters, engineers, roofers, attorneys, professionals, and even homeowners who need to determine what the sustained winds, maximum wind gusts, storm surge heights and total rainfall amounts were at a specific location. Most of this data is also given on an hour-by-hour basis. This inexpensive option contains detailed weather data that will be sufficient for most users.

We also offer a more detailed, manual data analysis that we prepare for our Forensic Hurricane Litigation Reports for use in lawsuits, mediations, and disputes where alleged hurricane damage may have been a contributing factor. Our expert hurricane reports are completely quality-controlled and analyzed, and will provide you with incredible detail and reliability with all of the necessary inclusions suitable for the federal rules of evidence in a courtroom.

Automated Hurricane Reports

These hurricane reports can be downloaded from your office, mobile claims center, I-pad, even if while you’re standing in front of a damaged property. When a user enters an incident address or latitude/longitude, in seconds they will receive a report that will contain the following information for that specific address:

  • Hour-by-Hour Sustained Wind Speeds (at 33 feet)
  • Hour-by-Hour Wind Direction (at 33 feet)
  • Hour-by-Hour Wind Gusts (at 33 feet)
  • Hour-by-Hour Barometric Pressure
  • Hour-by-Hour Storm Surge Heights
  • Total Rainfall for that Address
  • A color-contoured wind gust image
  • A color-contoured storm surge image

If you’d like to view a sample report, click below. You can also order a report below. These reports are not refundable.

In-Depth Forensic Hurricane Studies and Reports


Our Forensic Hurricane Litigation Reports are prepared by conducting a very rigorous and quality-controlled manual analyses of various types of weather data and information from multiple sources. All of this information is used to determine what the wind speeds, wind gusts and storm surge conditions were at the incident location while taking into account the most recent data that is available. Archived NWS data, Hurricane advisories and warnings are also included. Microbursts, localized squalls and isolated tornadoes sometimes occur in the outer bands of the hurricane and they must be manually analyzed on a case by case basis by a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM). Using various Doppler radar products that are zoomed in over each incident location, we will be able to determine if these enhanced wind events or tornadic circulations occurred at each incident location. These reports will also contain listings of the weather data that was used, the methodology that was employed and other sources of information that adhere to the federal rules of evidence that are suitable for court. Please contact our office for pricing information on this report or submit a completed retainer agreement below.

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