Howard Altschule and the team at Forensic Weather Consultants have strong relationships with numerous insurance companies and insurance professionals across the United States.

Forensic Weather for Insurance

We regularly provide claims adjusters, insurance investigators and special investigation units with detailed weather information, historical data, records and reports for a variety of cases. The most common cases involve slip and fall cases across the Northeast, hail and wind damage claims in Florida, Texas, Colorado and Illinois, and hurricane cases in New Jersey, Florida and the Gulf Coast.

Howard Altschule was appointed by the New York State Governor to serve as an expert on the New York State Panel on Homeowners Insurance Coverage. Howard has been an invited guest speaker at several of the major insurance companies headquarters and field claim offices around the country.

Insurance companies and adjusters find great value in the hail reports we provide, our automated severe weather history database, and the forensic hurricane reports that we produce. In addition, we also produce very detailed and litigation-ready written reports and provide depositions and testimony for all kinds of cases. Hail damage and hurricane damage claims are often very costly, so it is important for insurance adjusters and claims representatives to accurately determine if and when hail occurred and what kind of wind and wave conditions occurred in a hurricane.

For professionals involved in slip and fall cases, insurance professionals will find our meteorological analyses and expert reports very informative and useful in their decision-making with regard to defending a case or settling. Some of our insurance company clients retain us on the majority of slip and fall on snow and ice cases so that they have an understanding of what the weather and ground conditions were.

Please review our various reports to find samples that are useful to the insurance industry.

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