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As one of the most reliable weather expert firms in the country, thousands of professionals have called upon us to assist them with their weather-related insurance claims and lawsuits.  Since 1999, we’ve been retained more than 8,700 times and have testified in court more than 130 times. We’ve always been admitted as experts in various courts around the country, including Federal Court, Supreme Court, Circuit Court, and the United States Military Court.

Our clients include plaintiff and defense attorneys, insurance carriers, engineers, public adjusters, state and federal government agencies, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the United States Air Force, private corporations, and many others.  Our work spans across all of the United States and we have worked on cases in Mexico, the Virgin Islands, Africa, and Asia.

Why Choose Us?  As you review our website and sample reports, you’ll find that we provide very detailed meteorological analyses, written expert reports, and affidavits for each specific incident or loss location.  The cases we work on typically involve insurance claims, property damage, personal injury, and sometimes fatalities.  Some of the more common cases we work on include slip and fall on snow and ice cases, reported hail damage claims, hurricane cases (wind, or wind versus storm surge), flood cases, roof leaks, severe thunderstorm and wind-created opening claims, tornado claims, motor vehicle accidents, scaffolding and crane collapses, and other types of personal injury incidents.

With the latest technology, decades of experience, and the expertise to do in-depth research, the different types of weather data and Doppler radar images allow us to determine what the weather conditions were on a specific day or time, at any specific incident or loss location.  Forensic Weather Consultants also provides a variety of automated weather reports, and we develop products that insurance company CAT teams, claims departments, and other professionals can use to identify areas that were affected by high winds or large hail following significant events.

Our team consists of Certified Consulting Meteorologists, Consulting Meteorologists, Computer Modelers, and Computer Science Experts.

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Some of the more common cases we work on involve slip and fall accidents on snow/ice, falls on interior wet floors of a building, hail damage and wind damage claims, flooding events, hurricane wind (or wind v. storm surge) cases, motor vehicle accidents in fog or sun glare, and other property damage and personal injury claims.  Our sample reports will show you the advanced experience, attention to detail, and accuracy that we work so hard to provide.  Each report we work on is specifically catered to each incident.

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Hurricane Cases (Wind or Storm Surge)

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Find out why so many attorneys, insurance companies, and adjusters become repeat clients and referrals for these claims and lawsuits.  Attention to detail, our meteorological expertise, decades of experience and great customer service help us grow year after year. We’ll help you understand exactly what the weather conditions were when and where the incident occurred so you can make informed decisions how to proceed.  Contact us to learn how we can help you on your next case.


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