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Severe Weather History

**Please Note:  Once you receive your report, you can click the “Distance” button to sort the results (from closest to furthest from the incident location).  They can also be sorted in chronological order.  You can then “Print to PDF” to save the report.  This database goes back to the year 2000.  You can limit your search period to a certain date range, or a specific policy period, a completing the request form.


Forensic Weather Consultants maintains an in-depth database of severe weather that is updated every morning. Going back as far as the year 2000, our severe weather history reports provide you with a historical summary of every hail, severe wind gust, wind damage, or tornado report that was received by the National Weather Service for whatever period of time your request. The data can be sorted by date, hail size or distance from the address in question. These reports are incredibly useful in determining how far away from an incident location severe weather reports were received (in tenths of a mile) and on what dates these hail and wind damage reports occurred. These historical reports are widely used by public adjusters, engineers and insurance companies that need to determine when hail or damaging winds occurred at a loss location. While some currently popular products state their algorithms or automated processes may not be free of errors or correct, our reports are based on actual hail and wind measurements or observations.  These reports are not refundable.

These severe weather history reports are based on actual information that was received by the National Weather Service and the National Centers for Environmental Information.

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