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Forensic Hurricane Reports

NOTE: The Information Provided in these Forensic Hurricane Reports is Preliminary.  Incident Locations Along the Coast Can Be Ordered and Retrieved Immediately.  For Storm Surge Information Inland, Please Contact Our Office So We Can Gather that Information.  


 Our cutting-edge Forensic Hurricane Reports can be automatically downloaded within seconds here on our website.  These reports are a must-have for insurance adjusters, insurance companies, public adjusters, engineers, professionals, and even homeowners who need to determine what the sustained winds, wind gusts and storm surge heights were at a specific address.  This inexpensive option contains detailed weather data that will be sufficient for most users.


We also offer a much more detailed Forensic Hurricane Litigation Report for use in legal cases, mediations, arbitrations and disputes where alleged hurricane damage was a major contributing factor, or not. Our expert hurricane reports are completely quality-controlled and analyzed, and will provide you with the clarity and detail as well as all of the necessary inclusions suitable for the courtroom.

Forensic Hurricane Reports

Using thousands of different types of NOAA data sources every hour of every day, our analysis product provides you with hour-by-hour weather information for any address or latitude/longitude provided. Initially, the data and analysis is quality-controlled by our forensic meteorology experts, and it is then placed into operational mode.


These hurricane reports can be downloaded from the office, in mobile claims centers, or while standing in front of the damaged property. When a user enters the address or latitude/longitude for which they need information, the data will populate a table that provides sustained wind speeds and direction for each hour (at 33 feet), the highest wind gusts and direction each hour (at 33 feet), the barometric pressure each hour, and what the storm surge water heights were each hour.  All of this information is generated for the specific address, every hour, through the course of the storm to create a Forensic Hurricane Report. The data is also provided in graphical format for easy storm synopsis.  Each report includes a color-contoured wind gust image at the time when the maximum wind gusts occurred at the location, and storm surge image at the time when the highest water levels occurred.


If you need to verify or prove what the highest wind speeds and storm surge water heights were at a specific location during a hurricane or tropical storm, you will want to order this ground-breaking, stunningly accurate Forensic Hurricane Report.  These reports are not refundable.

Forensic Hurricane Litigation Reports



Our Forensic Hurricane Litigation Reports utilize the same data in the initial Forensic Hurricane Report but add an additional level of quality-control, manual analyses and inclusions of additional data, storm reports and special observation from multiple sources. All of this information will be used to confirm what the wind speeds and storm surge conditions at the incident location while taking into account the most recent data that is available. Archives NWS data and Hurricane advisories and warnings are also included. It should be noted that microbursts, localized squalls or tornadoes that occur in the outer bands of the hurricane must be manually analyzed on a case by case basis. Using various Doppler radar products that are zoomed in over each incident location, we will also be able to determine the occurrence of any enhanced wind or tornadic circulations over each incident location. These reports will also contain listings of the weather data that was used, the methodology and other sources of information that are suitable for court. Please contact our office for pricing information on this report.

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