Forensic Weather Consultants offers different levels of service to our customers who are involved in hail, wind and tornado claims and lawsuits.

Automated “Hail Impact Reports" for Any Address

Using advanced Doppler radar, Dual-Pol technology and other data, these historical hail reports can be downloaded for any address in the United States and much of Canada. These are a must-have for all of your hail claims. These reports can be downloaded in seconds at Www. HailRecords.Com. These provide valuable and detailed information about hail events and the sizes of hail that occurred at any location.

In-Depth Hail, Wind and Tornado Studies and Reports

Cases in litigation or Dispute require a much higher level of wind and hail damage investigation, documentation and data inclusion than cases not in litigation.

For those cases in litigation, mediation, arbitration or going to trial, we offer a more detailed forensic hail, wind or tornado report that lists all of the sources of data relied upon and downloaded, as well as the methodology involved, numerous images and data, and our conclusions. These reports conform to the federal rules of evidence and provide all of the necessary documentation and methodology that is required for litigation. These hail reports and wind reports are among the most detailed and reliable available in the country and are frequently selected over other industry products on the market that are not as reliable.

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